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The Enterprise - Unlocked

Read our latest White Paper that explores whether building owners can install their own Enterprise Small Cell solutions, which are then connected and configured by mobile operators who bring their own licenced spectrum.

With many qualified and capable system integrators already installing Enterprise Wi-Fi, could this allow rapid take-up of Small Cells while solving the issue of poor indoor coverage? We look at the business case, the technology options and the tools and capabilities required to make this happen.

Sponsored by Cisco and iBwave, this ThinkSmallCell White Paper is free to download here


Several network operators have run trials, issued RFPs and even gone live commercially with femtocell deployments. This section attempts to track the more signficant operator activities.

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Small Cell Essentials

Residential Read more

The vast majority of small cells today are residential. Millions provide excellent voice coverage and fast data connectivity for smartphones in the home.


EnterpriseRead more

Businesses generate over a third of mobile network operator revenues, justifying specialist sales teams, commercial packaged and technical solutions.


MetrocellsRead more

Metrocells deliver both high capacity and high data rates in dense urban environments cost effectively, complementing the wide area coverage from today's macrocells.


RuralRead more

Rural small cells bring mobile phone coverage to remote rural areas for both the developed and developing world. Backhaul and power are perhaps the most difficult issues.