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The Enterprise - Unlocked

With many qualified and capable system integrators already installing Enterprise Wi-Fi, could this be extended to self-installed Enterprise Small Cells to enable rapid take-up of Small Cells while solving the issue of poor indoor coverage? We look at the business case, the technology options and the tools and capabilities required to make this happen.

Sponsored by Cisco and iBwave, this ThinkSmallCell White Paper is free to download here



Following on from our previous Femtocell Masterclasses, we have run a successful series of Metrocell training seminars. The Metrocell Masterclass is a full day interactive session designed to bring delegates up to speed with current metrocell technology and best practice. It's suitable both for newcomers to the technology as well as those who need to become current again.

Delivered by three well respected and independent small cell experts the content has been designed to be independent, concise and up to date. There are opportunities to ask questions both during the formal sessions and offline.


Click here to take our 1 minute survey of where and when these should be held

ALU Metrocell

Course Structure and Outline

  • Definition of small cells, femtocells, metrocells, picocells and HetNets
  • System Architecture and Operation
  • Status of common technical issues
  • Small Cell Standards: 3GPP, Small Cell Forum, 3GPP2, WBA etc.
  • Different radio access technologies: 3G, HSPA, LTE, Wi-Fi
  • Backhaul: Microwave, millimetre wave, optical, Wi-Fi, Point-to-Multipoint, Inband
  • Supplier eco-system: From chipsets to system integrators
  • Commercial deployment models: Hosting Small Cell as a Service, upgrades
  • Case Study: Comparing cost of small cell with macrocell expansion
  • Metrocell Roadmap: A glimpse of the future

Why take this class?

  • You will understand the capabilities and limitations of metrocell technology, knowing where and when it can be used
  • You will learn about the metrocell vendor landscape including the food-chain of component suppliers through to system integrators and how it will evolve
  • You will recognise operational issues involved in commercial deployment of metrocells, including new commercial business models
  • You will appreciate how small cells have evolved from residential only to enterprise and public access use

About the presenters

David is a Chartered Engineer, having working in telecoms software design, written protocol stacks and participated in mobile network standards committees for many years. He is also a Chartered Marketer, with product management and product marketing experience gained over 10 years. Having founded ThinkSmallCell 5 years ago, David has interviewed many leading industry figures and tracked the evolution of the industry closely. He provides an independent view, analysis and insight into this fast developing topic.

Zahid Ghadialy is co-founder and managing director of ExplanoTech, which provides technical consultancy, training and specialist staff across the telecoms industry. Well known for his 3G4G blog, he tracks the technology closely and is well acquainted with the latest standards developments. As champion of Cambridge Wireless Small Cell SIG, Zahid is known throughout the industry and has a deep understanding of the forthcoming LTE and LTE-Advanced technology.

Justin Paul is an independent consultant with a strong commercial background in the mobile telecoms industry. His career includes roles at NSN, Alcatel-Lucent, LogicaCMG and product director at Airwave, the UK public safety network. He brings a clear headed business view that cuts through the complex technology options, and concisely summarises the commercial implications of small cell innovation.


The Metrocell Masterclass is a full day workshop running from 9am through to 5pm. Refreshments and buffet lunch are included.

Delegates will be given printed copies of the presented material to take away.

The presenters are available throughout the day, including the breaks, to answer questions.

Venues and Dates

Having run a series of public Masterclass sessions, we are now able to offer this on an ad-hoc basis to be run anywhere in the world. This can be a very cost-effective method to meet in-house training requirements.

We are also reviewing where and when to run future sessions - if you would like to attend and have a preference for time and/or place, please


or email us to let us know.

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